sleep and weight lossSleep and weight loss

Are you struggling to lose weight?  Exercising and watching portion control and still not making progress?  Maybe the culprit is your sleep pattern.  Studies show a definite connection in quality and quantity of sleep and weight loss.

How might you ask?

Your body needs 7-8 hours of good deep sleep each night to basically reset itself.  Good sleep helps keep your hunger hormones in check and your metabolism running strong.  Combine that good night’s sleep with proper nutrition (portion control is key!) and regular exercise, and you’ll set yourself up for good consistent weight loss.

Some of the keys to a good night’s sleep?

  1.  be consistent with the time you go to bed and wake up
  2. Keep the room cool, dark and quiet…in other words, cave-like
  3. Put away cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc an hour or two before bed, or at least dim the screens.

If you have a medical condition that affects your sleep, like sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome, talk to your doctor and do everything you can to correct the problem.

If you have trouble just turning your mind off, try meditation or deep breathing exercises.

The bottom line is this.

Your body needs sleep (good deep sleep) to function, to heal itself, to reset itself.  When you’re sleep deprived, your body will have to work that much harder to maintain your weight, let alone lose weight.  You may also find yourself more likely to reach for “comfort” foods and less likely to keep to your exercise plan.  A triple whammy!

So tuck yourself in and get a good night’s sleep tonight and every night.  Your body and mind will thank you, and you may just see the benefits on the scale.

How a Lack of Sleep Can Hurt Your Weight Management Goals

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