Weight loss secret Want to know my weight loss secret?  I showed up.

Many people have heard my story.  They’ve read it here or on Facebook (Spot Jan) or they’ve heard me talk.  But just in case you haven’t, here is a very brief synopsis.  In April of 2015, I weighed nearly 300 lbs, quite possibly more than 300, but when the scale hit 297, I stopped stepping on it, so I don’t know for sure just how heavy I got.  I was turning 52, coming off of a knee injury and multiple shoulder surgeries…barely into my 50’s and falling apart!

I decided it was time to make a change, to make a commitment to myself to get and stay healthy.  Over the next 10 months or so, I lost 120 lbs.  Today, on the eve of my 54th birthday, I’ve kept it off.

How did I do it?

  1.  weight loss secret stepsWalking  
    • I started wearing a fitness tracker (started with a Garmin vivofit, then changed to a Fitbit which I continue to wear today) to see how many steps I was taking.  When I first put it on I was barely walking 5k steps a day.  By this day in 2015, I walked more than 20k steps for the first time.  Over the next year, I continued walking every day.  At one point, I walked 20-30K+ steps for 98 days in a row.  I didn’t always feel like going out for a walk, but here’s where my weight loss secret comes into play.  I was committed, and I showed up.  I walked.
  2. Working out
    • Personal Training ServicesI started working with a personal trainer twice a week.  I know, personal training can be expensive, but aren’t you worth it?  It was especially challenging for me since I got laid off from my job on April fools day in 2015, just as I started with Andrew.  I never once considered stopping because I couldn’t afford it.  I just decided it was so important for me to get healthy, I would find a way to pay for it no matter what…and I did.   Here’s the weight loss secret again…I was committed and I showed up.  Over the next year, I did not cancel a session, not once…it was too important.  We changed the schedule a bit when one of us had a conflict, but I showed up and worked out twice a week, no matter how I felt.  Another benefit?  I always felt better when I was done…sometimes I couldn’t climb the stairs when I got home, but I always felt good!
  3. Nutrition
    • I’ve never been a big believer in fad diets, 21-day fixes, eliminating whole categories of foods, etc.  I was looking for long-term sustainable change, and that meant I needed to be able to eat whatever I wanted but in moderation.   I settled on a modified version of carb cycling that I continue to follow today.  Portion size control is a big part of my plan, and dinners are frequently just protein and veggies/fruit.  My secret on fruits and veggies?  The more colors I get in a day the better.
  4. Sleep
    • Studies show there is a definite connection between sleep and weight loss.  I didn’t pay much attention to my sleep patterns at the time.  I just used up my energy every day with walking, working out, etc, so that I just slept well and deeply.  Nowadays, sleep is a little more elusive for a variety of reasons.  When I haven’t gotten enough sleep, the scale is almost guaranteed to go up a couple pounds the next morning, not because I overate, but usually because my body didn’t have time to reset and my metabolism was affected.  A good night’s sleep puts me back on track.

So there it is, folks.  My personal 4 point plan to losing a lot of weight.  The underlying weight loss secret?

Be committed and SHOW UP!

I didn’t reach 300 lbs overnight.  It took serious effort to get to that point.  It took serious effort to lose that weight.  I did it.  You can too…if you are committed to the process (and yourself!) and you show up.

Want some help?

Schedule a free consultation/fitness assessment and let’s talk.  We have plans to fit every budget from private and semi private/small group sessions here at the studio to online options if you live further away or just can’t get here.

I’ve done it…I can help you do it too.


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