Portion size vs serving size

We’ve all probably looked at the nutritional panels on the foods we eat and see what a serving size is, but how many of us actually measure it out? I occasionally do, but more often than not, we just pour the cereal into a bowl, add milk, and dig in.  Chances are, if you’ve done this, your portion size is a lot bigger than a serving size, so your calorie count is higher too.portion-size-pic

What do these objects have to do with portion size?

At its base, losing weight comes down to calories in vs calories out.  Exercise helps stoke the furnace so your body will burn more calories even at rest, but if you don’t manage your eating, your chances of losing a lot of weight are pretty slim.  Most of the time, you want to be making the best possible choices you can when planning a meal or snack, but no food should be off the table.  Creating a truly sustainable intuitive eating plan for yourself means being able to enjoy treats occasionally.  One of the keys to managing our calorie intake in all instances is controlling our portion size.  Food is fuel, and our goal should be to fuel our bodies with the best food we can, in the right quantities.

Here is a great article to help visualize what a true portion size is using every day objects.  Even if you think you’ve got a handle on what a portion size is, it’s worth reading again.  We can all use a reminder now and then.



You want to know the best part?

get-it-rightIf you’ve been overestimating all this time, today is your day to start fresh and get it right.  Even those of us who generally have a handle on good choices and portion size have days (like holidays) when it all gets shot to pieces.  For me, a rainy Sunday meant a day of watching football, hanging out on the sofa, and too much food.  My activity level was lower than normal, my food choices and portion size were less than ideal, and all of that showed up on the scale today.  But I’m not going to obsess about it.  Creating a sustainable life for myself means I can absorb occasional days like that.  Today, I’ll make good choices, up my activity level, and get right back on track.  The great thing is each of us that has same opportunity.

So today, let’s make good choices!

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